Nutrigenomics Database


Nutrigenomics database was designed for effective storage, management, analysis and sharing of gene expression data to nutritional scientists involved in the microarray experiment. Currently, there are more than 1000 publications and several expresssion data sets available for any user. This database offers a solution for scientists who need advanced search for microarray data related to nutrition. Although this database is still under testing condition, please try out and send us any comments or suggestions.

Administrator of this web site
K. Saito


  • Publication search
    -The search engine enables you to access, easily and intuitively to all the information from published nutrigenomics studies and associated gene expresssion data by the carefully selected nutrition-related keywords in the search menu.
  • Array Data Browser
    - The data browser allows researcher to compare the multiple gene expression data across laboratories, microarray platforms and species.The registered arraydata can be inquired by searching from Gene Name, Gene_ID, KEGG pathway name.Also, the expression profile can be visually overviewed using KEGG metabolic pathways


Total number of publications registered: 1035
Total number of arraydata registered: 70
Last update: 22 Nov 2015



The establishment and development of Nutrigenomics Database is supported in part by the grant from Japan Society for the Promotion and Science.

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